Parma Violets!

I tried the Sweet Violet Bath Creamer, it was billed as smelling exactly like Parma Violets.
My favourite Perfume has a similar fragrance so I was looking forward to trying them out.

I have to say I wasn’t Disappointed!

As soon as I opened the little bag they had sealed it in I could smell the sweet Violet Perfume and immediately remembered the taste of Parma Violets.

I popped it straight in the bath and watched it wizz around the tub, there is a lot of fizz for such a small creamer.

I recorded a video of it which you can see here.

The topping contains Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil so there was a fine film on the surface of the water which made the bath a touch slippery. But the water felt lovely as I sank into it.

When I was done, some 45mins later the room still smelled of Violets.

The following evening I realized that I still smelled of the creamer!


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