Aloe Vera…

Over the last couple of years there has been more and more interest in Aloe Vera as a Cosmetic Ingredient. It used to be something you found in your local health shop but more and more companies are using it as a key ingredient. I wondered why…?

1. It treats sunburn. 
Aloe Vera helps with sunburn through its powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin, a layer of cells that cover the body. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals quicker. This is why many aftersun products contain Aloe Vera.
2. It acts as a moisturizer. 
Aloe moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion. For women who use mineral-based make-up, aloe vera acts as a moisturizer and is great for the face prior to the application to prevents skin drying. For men: Aloe vera gel can be used as an aftershave treatment as its healing properties can treat small cuts caused by shaving. I used it to treat my daughters Cradle Cap as well. It worked brilliantly.
3. It treats acne. 
Aloe vera gel contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Giberellin in aloe vera acts as a growth hormone stimulating the growth of new cells. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring.
Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness, while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. Additionally, in Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.
4. It fights aging. 
As we age, everyone begins to worry about the appearance of fine lines and the loss of elasticity in their skin. Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin’s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.
5. It lessens the visibility of stretch marks. 
The skin is like one big piece of elastic that’ll expand and contract as needed to accommodate growth. But if the skin stretches too far, too fast (due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss) the elasticity of the skin can be damaged. That’s what leaves those unsightly stretch marks. These marks appear due to minor tears in the layers of the skin caused by sudden and excessive stretching. Aloe vera gel can help hide these stretch marks by healing these wounds.
The Products contain Aloe Vera as a key ingredient..


Aloe Vera Cream – Great to use as an all over Moisturizer
£6.50 per 100ml Tub
Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel – Great to use when removing eye makeup or as a facial cleanser. Like Clay this gel is said to absorb toxins and moisturize the skin.
£6.50 per 100ml Tub


Aloe Vera & Poppy Seed Soap

£3.00 per 100g Bar


Aloe Vera Soap

This Soap is SLS free, meaning even sensitive skins can use it. It is also Perfume free! We have added Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil to make this soap even more gentle.

Made from a vegetable glycerine base and suitable for sensitive skin.

£3.00 per 100g Bar

Body Wash

All our body washes have a base of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. This Means they are great for the most sensitive of skins.

We have available; Fragrance Free, Strawberry Juice, Candyfloss & Mallow, Coconut Bay, Lemon Heaven or Satsuma Juice.

£6.00 per 250ml Bottle.

I have used extracts from an article found at to create this blog post. The original Article can be found here


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